Join us for a live demo to see how AtScale empowers people throughout the organization to work with data faster and in more powerful ways—democratizing data for deep analysis and data science no matter where it is stored. An AtScale product expert will answer your questions as you learn how AtScale’s intuitive interface allows users to quickly source and model live data from disparate sources without having to understand where and how to access it and port to the BI/ML tool of their choice. What used to take weeks or months now takes minutes and hours. 

  • Eliminate data silos and gain visibility into how data is being queried and used throughout the organization
  • Connect any BI/ML tool to any data platform
  • Provide a common view of data across the business
  • Create virtual cubes using multiple data sources
  • Apply new dimensions to analyses for unprecedented granular reporting
  •  Implement row-level security to faciltiate secure self-service data access
  • Port BI/ML tools in days, not months
Live product demo includes:

Experience AtScale’s intuitive user interface
Easily access, blend and analyze disparate data in a single view   
Run and modify queries and track performance
Connect to BI or ML tools
 …and a whole lot more