Join us for a live demo to see how AtScale connects any BI/ML tool to any data platform, with use cases for your specific industry. Learn how to define business metrics in one place, blend data access across cloud and on-premise data sources, and automatically tune your queries with AI, reducing query cost and accelerating time-to-insight.

Attend the live demo to learn how:
  • To gain the freedom to choose how you store and analyze your data
  • An adaptive analytics fabric unifies access to disparate data sources and share visibility into top performing queries
  • To migrate data from on-premise to cloud with a live connection without disruption to users
  • To deliver the right data, to the right user, at the right time for true self-service analytics
  • To empower your citizen data analysts to amplify their business intelligence with data to make better decisions
The live product demo includes:
  • Experience AtScale’s intuitive user interface
  •  Easily access, blend and analyze disparate data in a single view   
  • Run and modify queries and track performance
  • Connect to BI or ML tools
  •  …and a whole lot more