Accelerate BI for Retail

Retail companies have a specific set of data needs and challenges:  the need to drill into sales and merchandising data by store, for consistent time-relative reports, and the ability to allow vendors to access some data for efficient inventory and supply-chain management.

AtScale Chief Strategy Officer & Founder Dave Mariani will walk you through how AtScale's Adaptive Analytics Fabric is helping leading retailers:

  • Create a single virtualized view of data no matter where it is stored
  • Drill into store-to-store sales comparison by SKU
  • Create virtual OLAP cubes for fast data accessibility and consistency across teams
  • Create accurate Actual vs. Forecast reports
  • Allow secure, defined access to data for vendors
  • Dramatically improve analytical query performance while significantly reducing per-query costs
  • Expand the scope of data available to their analysts from weeks to years

We will also have live Q&A to answer your specific questions.