Accelerate BI for Financial Services

AtScale is helping Financial Services companies, including TD Bank and Wells Fargo, solve their biggest data and BI challenges: Near real-time access to data, data access for thousands of analysts throughout the company with different permission sets, and a unified view of their entire business.

AtScale Chief Strategy Officer & Founder Dave Mariani will walk you through how AtScale's Virtual Data Warehouse is helping financial services:

  • Create a single virtualized view of data no matter where it is stored
  • Support thousands of analysts for all of their reporting
  • Create virtual OLAP cubes for data accessibility and consistency across teams
  • Dramatically improve analytical query performance while significantly reducing per-query costs
  • Expand the scope of data available to their analysts from weeks to years
  • Connect Microsoft Excel to cloud data platforms with the only live MDX connection available
  • Deliver the data security and governance that is critical to modern enterprise

We will also have live Q&A to answer your specific questions.