The data lake is a repository of corporate data. So how is that different from a data warehouse? Where does a data lake leave off and data warehouse begin, and vice versa? Are these mutually exclusive environments or long-lost companions in a future data nirvana?

Using our point-counterpoint approach, a team of seasoned data experts will debate the relationship between data lakes and data warehouses and come to a consensus opinion. This Socratic approach will help you understand: 

  •  How a data lake differs from a data warehouse 
  •  What workloads belong in a data lake versus a data warehouse 
  • How the dividing line between the two environments is getting fuzzier 
  • How to build a modern analytics ecosystem that leverages the best of data lakes and data warehouses 
“Before AtScale, our ability to report on location and usage patterns could take days.  Now, it takes seconds. What’s more: our analysts are no longer constrained to a rigid data warehouse.  They can self-serve to our Azure data lake in direct mode, without having to wait for data to be moved for them or to perform extreme heroics to get the answers they need.”


John Ackerman Senior Director, Enterprise Architecture at TRAC Intermodal