Consolidate Your Data Marts For Fast, Flexible Analytics


To expand the reach of data and analytics to business users, many organizations leveraged data marts to address specific department or user needs. However, this has led to a proliferation of siloed data across these organizations, resulting in a new set of inefficiencies and self-service challenges.

In addition, the purpose-built appliances used to build these data marts require upfront modeling, and have costly scale and access limitations. This, in turn, impairs the agility of the organization. With some of these appliances facing end of life, it’s an ideal opportunity for enterprises to modernize their architecture.

In the modern era, organizations must adopt analytic strategies to:

  • Consolidate data silos for faster, easier analytics and simplified operations.
  • Architect the data to support both existing reports and analytics
  • Enable self-service BI and discovery, using the business users existing skill set
  • Deliver the performance expected from legacy appliances, across more users and use cases.
  • Go beyond SQL to support data science, operational applications.
  • Build a platform for shared data, including shared metadata, security, and governance.
Alex Gutow

Alex Gutow Cloudera

Josh Klahr

Josh Klahr AtScale

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