On-Demand Webinar: Business Discovery on Hadoop

With 110M+ users and one of the world's largest online franchises, Wargaming collects billions of events everyday. Using AtScale, Tableau, and Cloudera, its analysts can now rapidly mine data and put insights directly in the hands of the people that can act on it. 

In this webinar, Craig Fryar, Head of Business Intelligence, describes his journey from basic data in Excel, to live and interactive Tableau dashboards on Hadoop.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how:

  • Tableau and AtScale can deliver screaming fast Analytics on Hadoop
  • You can provide self-service access, while maintaining control
  • You can leverage your existing skillset to deliver more value to more users, faster



Craig Fryar Global Head of BI for Wargaming


Dave Mariani CEO & Founder of AtScale

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