AtScale + Amazon Redshift Preview

The AtScale Universal Semantic Layer for Amazon Redshift will let Amazon customers benefit from the affordability, scalability and flexibility of the AWS Cloud platform while enabling enterprise Business Intelligence capabilities.

Signup today to preview AtScale on Amazon Redshift. During the beta, you will be able to see AtScale's 3 core tenets in action:

  • AtScale Adaptive Cache™
  • Hybrid Query Service™
  • AtScale’s True Delegation™

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“The enterprise reality is a hybrid one”, says David Menninger, “our research data and analytics in the cloud benchmark research shows that one in five organizations are integrating their data in real time. AtScale’s vision is in alignment with the enterprise's needs, which is not surprising given the company’s roots and the advanced nature of its customers’ deployments”

David Menninger David Menninger, SVP & Research Director at Ventana Research